Adult Yoshi Headpiece


You’ve been without this Adult Yoshi Headpiece for far too long! Enjoy the Mushroom Kingdom on a whole new level (or just some Mario Kart) while wearing this headpiece!

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Yoshi is a strange dinosaur, unlike any other dinosaur ever. But, that’s not too far off from the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom (yep, it’s a weird place). He’s got an extra long tongue, he hatches from a spotted egg, he can come in multiple colors, and man, does he LOVE fruit (as well as chomping on bad guys). Now, we can’t promise any of those things will come with this adorable Yoshi headpiece, but we DO have one piece of advice… if a plumber wearing overalls jumps on your back and yells, “It’s-a me, Mario!” you have our permission to throw him off and run for the Bianco Hills.

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