Lucky Leprechaun Costume for Kids


Your kiddo will love dressing up for St. Patrick’s Day in this Kid’s Lucky Leprechaun Costume! But we can’t guarantee that they’ll know where the pot of gold is.

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Can you think of anything cuter than your little one dressed as a little leprechaun? We can’t either, that’s why we carry this Childs Leprechaun Costume. Leprechauns are already known for being small and mischievous little creatures, probably sounds like your child doesn’t it. Exactly, so it only makes sense that this costume would be made for a child, a small and mischievous child. While this Child’s Leprechaun Costume may not come with rainbows and a pot of gold (bummer, we know) it does come with the perfect green getup! The perfect green long tail coat, green pants and a matching top hat will have your little leprechaun looking lucky as can be dressed as an authentic Irish folklore character we all know and love. He will be ready to grant your 3 wishes or dance an Irish jig in his eye catching, gold shimmering, shamrock donned vest. Now your kid can become everyone’s favorite lucky charmer with this festive Child Leprechaun Costume. You can search for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow while you’re dressed in this classy green suit and top hat. Your little leprechaun can wear this green getup to a St. Paddy Day celebration or even for Halloween. Whatever the occasion he is sure to have a jolly good time and hopefully bring you a little luck along the way!

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