Women’s Traditional Pilgrim Costume


Celebrate Thanksgiving in style in this Women’s Traditional Pilgrim Costume. This is a great historical themed costume for your play or costume themed event!

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You love the spirit and traditions of Thanksgiving, but for years you’ve been saying that the cooking is just a little too “modern” for your taste (we’re not sure if that pun was intended or not). And we’re pretty sure that you often find yourself wishing you could ride around in the Mayflower instead of your car, because it doesn’t get “Plymouth Rock” on its radio (okay, that pun was definitely intended… sorry, we just couldn’t resist). We get you and your Thanksgiving mania, and that’s why we think you’ll be excited to hear that we’ve got a way you can roll back the clock and celebrate the holiday as it was meant to be celebrated. So this Thanksgiving, make sure you’re wearing this Adult Pilgrim Woman Costume when your relatives show up for their turkey dinner!This black and white dress is the ultimate Puritan getup, with the cut and the colors that are so characteristic of pilgrim women, especially those who were at the very first Thanksgiving in Massachusetts way back in 1621. That includes the austere black and white coloring that was popular in the era, a long skirt overlain with a lace-trimmed apron, and, of course, the white bonnet (which ties easily under your chin).The Adult Pilgrim Woman Costume is exactly what you’re looking for whether you’re in a historical play, or if you want to dress up for some puritanical fun on Halloween. Of course, it’s also perfect if you just want to wear the appropriate Thanksgiving attire this fall!