Bouffant Women’s Wig


Whether you’re going as a Fembot or just looking for a change, this Women’s Bouffant Wig has you covered. This fashionable blonde wig will give you a great look.

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Wigging OutYou’ve managed to get your hair to cooperate for just about every style out there. From elegant finger curls to fluorescent dye jobs and piles of plaits to pixie cuts, your hair has seen it all—might we add that we’re incredibly jealous that every single one of those styles has looked amazing on you? Anyway, for whatever reason, those normally cooperative tendrils refuse to stand tall and polished for a bouffant. And after years of wanting to dress as a proper 1960s woman for Halloween, you’ve had enough of your hair’s attitude and are ready to try the quick solution!Product DetailsLuckily, we have it! Stop fighting with your hair and heating tools and add this Women’s Bouffant Wig to your costume accessories collection. The shoulder-length, blonde wig, perfectly flips at the ends for that bouncy 1960s look and is topped with a voluminous bouffant and gently curled bangs.Strong Work EthicEven if your hair refuses to do the work it’s being asked to, this Women’s Bouffant Wig won’t. Stop teasing your tendrils and caking on the hairspray with this costume accessory. Because, whether you’re going for the Stepford-vibe, 60s go-go look, or even some vintage inspired alien character, it’s ready to get the job done!

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