Slytherin Harry Potter Infinity Scarf


You’ve been sorted into Slytherin House and now you’re ready show off your new status with this Slytherin house crest infinity scarf!

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Second SkinYou knew you’d be loyal when the Sorting Hat placed you in Slytherin House. You knew you’d build a wardrobe with the proper Slytherin gear. A school robe with the crest, a green and silver tie, maybe even a sweater to layer over your white button-up in the winter. Somewhere along the lines, though, the sleek color palette became your go-to! You feel out of sorts when there isn’t at least a hint of emerald in your outfit, which is nice at school. It ensured you’d never lose House points for a dress code violation. But for Hogsmeade trips and summer holidays, while you don’t want to wear your Hogwarts robes, you also don’t want to shed what’s become your second skin!Design & DetailsEnsure you’re always comfortably dressed when you add this Slytherin Infinity Scarf to your wardrobe! The Made By Us exclusive is made with a lightweight and sheer material printed with a silver and green chevron stripe. The 20-inch wide by 80-inch around scarf also features a full-color Slytherin crest print to one side. Thanks to its flowy build, the officially licensed has excellent versatility! Worn layered, it can add a bit of warmth to an ensemble—perfect whether heading to Hogsmeade on a crisp spring day or spending a quiet weekend in the dungeon-level common rooms. Loosely draped, however, the scarf adds a stylish and easy Slytherin flair to any ensemble!

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