Labyrinth Deluxe Jareth Adult Costume


Dress up as the Goblin King in the Exclusive Labyrinth Deluxe Jareth Adult Costume! This costume includes the jacket, shirt front, belt, and pants!

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A MAGICALLY ELEGANT KINGWhen someone hears the name “Goblin King,” there are several very reasonable images that likely pop into a person’s head.  We might picture a short, squat, and probably slime-covered green guy with a penchant for eating bugs and pinching pennies.  And, if they’ve met Hoggle, they’re not too far from the truth.  But, Jareth is a Goblin King that completely redefines the lordly look!  Thanks to the real-life magic of David Bowie, this is a true majestic marvel! But, it is lonely being a king of the goblins, locked away in a Labyrinth to protect one’s heart, living with a bunch of inane critters that are really only good at jumping when they’re asked to dance.  And, who can spend all their time flying around as a barn owl just to get a glimpse of the outside world.  Well, kidnapping a kiddo and luring a lass into the Labyrinth probably wasn’t the best way to secure a companion queen, but the whole Ball of Dreams was a great idea!DESIGN & DETAILSAfter conferring with numerous sorceresses and faery critters, our team of dynamic designers have made your dream come true with this officially licensed Jareth Costume. This exclusive look is a replication of Jerath’s ballroom attire including a silver satin shirt front that doesn’t skimp on the ruffles and features a faux diamond brooch at the neck. The pants are slim-fit with a high waist, and the silver wrap belt has hook and loop fastener at the back. The real gem is the blue and silver jacket with a high Victorian collar and sequin detailed shoulders, black lace cuffs, and a long coattail. All you’ll need is a magic crystal and the dream is a reality! PRACTICE THOSE TUNESYou’ll have the perfect Goblin King look when you slide into this exclusive Jareth costume.  It’s going to be so convincing that you might have to practice your karaoke skills so your dance magic won’t be falling short!  

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