Frozen Girls Anna Wig


Are you ready to save the neighborhood from the chilling grips of destruction this Halloween? Team up with Elsa and let the magic begin! But first, you need this Frozen Anna Child Wig!

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We all love Anna for plenty of reasons. She feels a basic need to tell the truth, her alpine adventure skills are impressive, and she’s got a strong love for her sister. She also happens to have a really great head of hair, it’s even better with the streak of white caused by that fateful frozen night. When dressing up as the funny and fierce Anna, the right hair is a must. If your girls are dressing up as Elsa and Anna, your littlest girl will really get into character. As she embraces the role of the fierce little sister she’ll have the fiery hair to go with it. Whether she’s riding a reindeer to escape a pack of wolves or standing up to her very own sister, you’ll be glad she’s got the right braids. Just keep Elsa away, you don’t want these locks turning white.

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