Kid’s Special Ops Hammer Soldier Costume


Is the world crumbling down? Are zombies roaming around every corner? In this exclusive Kid’s Special Ops Hammer Soldier Costume they’ll be ready to help any citizens in trouble!

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Serious SkillsSome kids have some serious skills! In their favorite video game, they can sweep a room in a matter of minutes, assessing dangers and sneaking through traps like it’s child’s play! Those kids are ready for a new mission… to canvass the neighborhood with their friends to get the most candy that they can in a single night!Our design team wanted to craft the perfect outfit for those kids, and that’s how we came up with this military-inspired costume. It’ll transform any child into a special operative, ready to get his hands on the big haul of trick-or-treat candy this year!Design & DetailsIs your child ready for a special mission? This Special Ops Hammer Soldier Costume turns your little one into a kid with some special skill! The costume comes with a knit jumpsuit that has a gray, black, and green camo pattern. The vest is black and has plenty of little pouches on the chest (perfect for storing a stash of candy or extra mission gadgets). The green foam belt adds an authentic touch to the look!The costume also comes with a variety of accessories to really make your child look ready for anything! The fingerless gloves bring a rugged, tough style to the costume. The finishing touch to the costume comes in the form of a mask, which is designed to look like a modern gas mask used by special forces. (Note: the mask does not protect the wearer from gases or fumes and is purely for costume purposes.)

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