Plus Size Deluxe Pirate Wench Costume


This Plus Size Deluxe Pirate Wench costume is an exclusive women’s plus size pirate costume for Halloween that’s available in sizes 1X through 8X!

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If you expect to make it as a successful pirate, there are a couple important guidelines you’d best be aware of. One is to not mark your buried treasure stashes with a giant X (that’s just a dead giveaway these days). The real piece of advice we can offer, though, is to slip on this exclusive Plus Size Deluxe Pirate Wench Costume while you’re scouring the high seas for booty!Of course, these are simply suggestions, and not the rules of living the pirate life. In fact, the best part about being a pirate is that there are no rules to begin with! But we have noticed (in our extensive pirate research) that if you’re careful with your treasure, and you dress in a sassy and intimidating outfit, your plundering days will be much more successful than if you just sail around, guns blazing! We also suggest adding plenty of accessories to your pirate look, since you never know what troubles you’ll be confronted with. And keep in mind, aspiring pirate, that sometimes just a sexy dress is all you need to stop your enemies in their tracks!Our satin and soft velvet costume dress strikes the perfect balance between glamorous and fearsome. The long layered skirt looks elegant while letting you show some leg, so be sure to add your favorite pair of pirate boots. Once you’re dressed for action, all you’ll need are an accessory sword and pistol, and any flashy jewelry to show off what you’ve plundered, and you’ll be on your way to a legendary career of piracy! Just remember to pick something other than an X to mark your loot with…

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