Kid’s Minecraft Creeper Life Blanket Sleeper


Your little video game fan will love wearing this Kid’s Minecraft Creeper Life Blanket Sleeper! Perfect for Halloween or to enjoy wearing around the house during the holidays!

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It Hunts at Night During the day, the world of Minecraft is lots of fun! Your personal mine is waiting for you to dig, and there are countless things for you to make and build with the materials you unearth. When the sun shines, the world is your oyster – but when the sun sets, it’s a different kind of story! Mobs and monsters reveal themselves at night, and woe to any miner caught in their clutches. One afternoon not so long ago, your work was going so well that you stayed out much too late. The next time you looked up, the moon had risen – and you were all alone. Eerie sounds made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Suddenly, there was a flash of green and you saw…the most most feared monster of all! Product Details Ordinarily you’d do anything you could to avoid meeting a Minecraft monster in the dark, but this officially licensed Minecraft Creeper Life Blanket Sleeper for Kids is guaranteed to be cuddly, not creepy! The one-piece, zip-up green jumpsuit is printed all over with a pattern featuring Creepers and TNT bundes. The wrists and ankles are lined with a soft ribbed knit to keep the sleeper extra snug. The attached hood is printed with Creeper face graphics. If You Can’t Beat ‘EmBesides being a super-comfy choice for lounging and bedtime alike, this Creeper sleeper is practical as well! If you do decide to dig at night while wearing this, we bet any real Creepers will leave you alone. They’ll think you’re one of them! 

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