Kid’s Hungry Venus Fly Trap Costume


They will be chomping around and catching all that candy with this Kid’s Hungry Venus Fly Trap Costume. No candy is safe with this one!

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Costume With Some BiteSome kids will be running around as freaky monsters, others will go out as their favorite horror movie villains, but your kiddo will be different. They will go around town as something truly terrifying this Halloween.Grab this Hungry Venus Fly Trap costume and your child will turn into one of the most terrifying creatures Mother Nature has to offer. A rose may have thorns but your little one will have a seriously frightening bite. Lucky for you, there is one thing that can calm a Venus Fly Trap’s appetite.Don’t let the name fool you. You don’t have to go capture a dumpster’s worth of flies. No, you just need to get them tons of candy! The more sweets your kiddo has the less you will have to worry about their nasty bite.Details & DesignGet your green thumb ready to toss this costume on your kiddo with three easy steps. First, toss the green velour shirt on them. It has a hook and loop fastener at the back of the mock-turtle neck to help with the next step. Speaking of which, next you take the velour hood and attach it to the shirt using the fastener. The hood has the leaves and the petals, along with the soft-sculpted teeth, lining the face opening. Finally, the flowerpot has green shoulder straps that will help to keep your fearsome flower planted.Flower PowerIn the overgrown garden of costumed children this Halloween, let your little flower stand out. They can be more than just another random monster or an overplayed pop culture reference.Transform them into a killer plant that has grown to the size of a child! If your typical Venus Fly Trap eats flies, this enormous one will hunger for something much larger than a fly. Only king-sized candy bars will be able to satisfy your kiddo’s tummy.

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