Kids Great White Shark Costume


This Child Great White Shark Costume turns your kid into the apex predator of the oceans! Tell the beach goers to watch out for your little one.

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Bumbum. Bumbum bumbum.Uh oh. You hear that don’t you… better clear out of the water before you’re on the deep end with this aquatic cutie. He might just snuggle you to death! Turn your little one into the king of the sea with this Great White Shark Costume for children!This Halloween there will be a lot of vampires, zombies, and werewolves running around the streets, but there may be bigger fish to fry. Your kiddo will be the ocean’s meanest killing machine walking on dry land. That is the thing of nightmares! We have literally had terrible nightmares of sharks walking around the office and chowing down on staff… it’s quite traumatizing. Although some of your friends and neighbors may react differently to this Great White jumpsuit. Some may actually find this costume more so on the charming end of the spectrum instead of terrifying. We won’t disagree, we’ll just leave it up to your little sharky. Will he want to be a fierce hunter of the sea or a cuddly aquatic cutie? Either way, this cozy velour jumpsuit will be the perfect costume for your shark fanatic! You can even have the whole family go out as a cluster of Great Whites, just take a look at the adult shark costumes we have in stock.Give your kiddo an amazing aquatic adventure this Halloween when you grab him this Great White Shark Costume for children. Just keep an eye out for surprise shark attacks!

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