Harry Potter Hufflepuff Face Mask Gaiter


Looking for the best way to keep yourself and others safe this year while out and about in your Hufflepuff attire? We think you will love this Harry Potter Hufflepuff Face Mask Gaiter, that will fit in perfectly with your house robe!

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I’ll Teach the Lot, and Treat Them Just the Same The Sorting Hat knows all about the Hufflepuff’s best qualities. That famous Hogwarts house prizes inclusiveness, patience, hard work, and loyalty, and can name quite a few awesome heroes among its members, like Cedric Diggory. Plus, they have a really cool animal on their heraldry. Not many people get badgers as their mascots. Product DetailsShow your house pride with an officially licensed Harry Potter Hufflepuff House Face Mask Gaiter! The cloth material can be pulled up to cover you from neck to nose, and is printed with black diagonal stripes on a yellow background. The center bears the image of a colorblocked shield fronted by a rampant badger and the word “Hufflepuff” printed on a banner beneath it. Ten Points to Hufflepuff! We’re pretty sure that Dumbledore himself would award you extra House points just for showing up to school in such an awesome mask. That wizard recognizes genius when he sees it. 

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