Adult PJ Masks Romeo Wig


Your kids voted and it looks like you have to dress up as the bad guy. Lucky for you we have this Adult PJ Masks Romeo Wig to complete your mad scientist costume!

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A Nightmare in the MakingWhen you’ve got a host of kiddos who are sneaking out of bed in order to save the world from your evil genius… why, it practically makes your hair go gray! Who do they think they are!? You have invested all of your years into creating some of the most innovative robots, contraptions, and other brilliant creations just to take control of the world. And, what!? A few tykes in PJs are going to thwart your plans season after season? Well, you know what they say. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! Design & Details Next time your little heroes want to don their PJ Masks might, you can join in the fun with this PJ Masks Romeo Adult Wig. This synthetic wig is on a comfy mesh cap with an elastic ridge. That way you’ll still feel good and comfy while you’re throwing your larger-than-life black locks back and forth. That debonaire white streak has been there since Romeo was a tyke so it’s truly a sign of demented genius… not age! Be the evil inventor the kiddos need to stop… or hit yourself with the Opposite Ray and help save the world as Captain Smarty Pants! 

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