Kid’s Dinosaur Bucket Hat


Does your little one love all things dinosaur? Do they wish they could dig up their own dinosaur? They’ll feel like a real paleontologists when they wear this Kid’s Dinosaur Bucket Hat!

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Going on a Dino DigIt’s kind of a bummer that dinosaurs don’t exist anymore – having a Triceratops for a pet would be amazing! – but the good thing about that giant asteroid hitting the earth is that it basically created a huge treasure hunt. Dinosaur bones could be anywhere, buried beneath a supermarket’s foundations or your mom’s flower bed. Product DetailsYou’ll be ready to do some excavating when you wear this Dinosaur Bucket Hat for Kids! The khaki-colored bucket hat is made of sturdy, washable cotton twill. Screen vents on each side keep you cool while you stake out your dig site and an inner foam band helps it to fit snugly on your head. The front of the hat is printed with the word “T-Rex” in bone-shaped lettering, while the top of the hat features a printed T-Rex skull and jaw. A Huge Discovery Someone call National Geographic! With a hat this awesome, you’re bound to be the first kid to discover a new species of dinosaur.

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