Boy’s Rodeo Cowboy Costume


Your kiddo will be ready for some calf roping and barrel racing action when you get them this exclusive Boy’s Rodeo Cowboy Costume for their next big costume party!

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Yeehaw! Y’all city folk ain’t got the darndest idea what it’s like to feel the wind wind whistlin’ past ya when ridin’ that open prairie. Some may call it a lonely life, but us cowboys have plenty of company on our travels. There’s the herds of cattle, our trusty dogs, and all the wildlife lookin’ out fer us. Yeah, that’s the life we love to live. We’re not really the people you ask when it comes to the lives of cowboys out on the plains, and we definitely aren’t really sure how they actually talked. What we can assume is that they don’t get a chance to shave very often, they probably smell a little bit like tumbleweeds and leather (which might not be too bad) and they love to have a six shooter handy in case some bandits try to steal their cattle. They’ve probably got a horse that they rely on more than anything else in the world too. Can you imagine losing your horse and having to walk everywhere while chasing down the stray cows? You’d have to be a superhero! We always go back and forth wondering if the life of a lone man roaming the country side sounds like a dream, or a nightmare. The city can get loud, but at least it has running water and toilet paper. Maybe they have a seasonal thing where we just do it every once in a while. That or we could just dress up as one for a party here and there, because if there’s one thing cowboys have going for them, it’s that awesome look. This costume has the whole shebang too from leather chaps to some sweet gloves and fringe. You think your child is ready to be the next sheriff in town? Only one way to find out.

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