Adult Plus Size Karate Kid Skeleton Suit Costume


This Adult Plus Size Karate Kid Skeleton Suit is officially licensed and will be a welcome addition to an entire Karate Kid group! Available in 2X and 3X.

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A Naughty Ninja… The Cobra Kai kids are the most awesome group of teens ever because they kick butt 24/7 in the dojo and in the streets. They show no mercy. They sweep the leg. And, clearly, they know how to take down their enemies with scare tactics that leave them paralyzed! They’re practically supernatural! If you feel that you have the skill, determination, and dedication to take down scrawny little punks while showing no mercy, perhaps the Cobra Kai dojo is for you!Then again, they are pretty much recognized around the world of 80s movies as villains. That might not be the exact image that you want to represent. And that John Kreese guy… phew, he’s tough to deal with! Maybe there is a way that you can exhibit your Cobra Kai love without having to get too cozy with Kreese. In fact, there might be a perfect way to show off that impossibly invulnerable state that you possess all at the same time… and fulfill your Halloween love, too!Design & DetailsIt’s time to show off your muscles… or, more accurately, your bones by sporting this officially licensed Karate Kid Skeleton Suit costume. You’ll learn the way of the fist with other karate masters and you’ll be a part of the coolest group of guys at school. The costume is a black jumpsuit with skeleton bones designed on the front and arms. The white hood pulls up to transform your noggin into a skull. It has an open face so it doesn’t disrupt your vision. (You have to watch out for old karate masters, right?) The whole design faithfully replicates the Halloween scene from the film!… and Scary SkeletonNot only will you enjoy jumping into movie nostalgia, but you’ll be able to enjoy a real to life Halloween costume to boot! Make sure you practice your Cobra Kai and your spooky quotes. 

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