60s Mama Costume for Women Adult Psychedelic Costume Dress


This Adult 60s Mama Costume is the perfect costume to wear to your next 60s theme party. The colorful dress is both comfortable and stylish.

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Happy HousekeepingThe sixties was a decade that was full of color! People wore flashy prints. Musicians published albums with tye-dye and lurid florals to entice listeners to give their music a listen. And while the household was still a pretty traditional place, housewives definitely picked up on these colorful trends. Family homes were decorated with shag carpeting that ranged from burnt orange to lime green. There were coral colored countertops, vinyl lemon yellow chairs, and even matching avocado toilet, shower, and sink sets. And yes, mamas in the sixties worked color into their meals! There were brilliant-colored Jell-O molds with unexpected items floating within such as Spam, salmon, and olives. Sure, those meals don’t make our mouths water in our modern era but back in the sixties, it was just another way to create a wild, happy household!Design & DetailsThis Made By Us brilliantly colored 60s mama costume is a great way to break out of your mold and maybe even break out your Jell-O mold. The design was created by our in-house creative team to make you feel the perfect balance of psychedelic and motherly. With flared sleeves and a circle skirt trimmed in feathers, you’ll feel ready to hold a funky dinner party. The dress zips up the back and has a high waist trimmed in sequins for a fun and flattering flourish!To Each Their OwnA decade back, the idea of green shag carpet and floral wallpaper would be on a list of instant things to remodel. Now, we’ve learned that the sixties may have had it right all along. The decor, the wardrobe, and yes, even some of the dining seems pretty great! Are you ready to revisit the households of the 60s? This costume is a great place to start! Now, let’s see how your Jell-O mold turns out!

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