Kids Dangerous Dracula Costume


Bring the most iconic vampire to life with our Kid’s Dangerous Dracula Costume. Blood red trim, cape, and terrifying mask, to put all your subjects into a fearsome trance!

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An Eerie InvitationThe kid looked sweet enough when you invited him in from the storm outside. Sure, it was strange that he was wearing a batty black cape. Now that you think about it, there were a lot of hints that something was off. He wasn’t interested when you offered him mac and cheese or a hot cup of cocoa. You didn’t catch a glimpse of his sweet baby face when he passed the hall mirror. Still, you were surprised when he suddenly transformed into a blood-sucking beast in your cozy living room. Turns out, the kid was hungry, after all. Luckily for you, you’ve been on an Italian food kick for the last week or so. As soon as the caped kid got close to your superior vena, he hissed and backed away. Your love of garlic literally saved your neck. From now on, you’ll be much more careful who you invite in. No capes from now on!Design & DetailsThis Made By Us vampire costume takes a classic look to the next level. The rope has a high grey collar, cuff, and batty belt trimmed in red. The bodice laces up the front for an ancient look. A cape with a batwing pattern is attached to the sleeves. Full of eerie details, the fanged vampire mask with blank eyes and pointed ears will transform your child into a legendary monster!Toothsome TreatsThere are a few classic ways to keep vampires at bay. You know the drill. Garlic, silver, sunlight. But a dress-up vampire has other weaknesses. We hear a load of Halloween candy can do the trick. Just be warned, our Made By Us costumes have a way of returning year after year as they’re designed with quality in mind. But by this time, you know how to keep your little monster at bay, right?

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