Disney Costume Companion Little Mermaid Flounder


Find your perfect costume companion for your Ariel Little Mermaid costume with this Little Mermaid Flounder Costume Companion. This colorful sidekick will always be at your side with everything you need!

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Floundering AroundLife under the sea can be complicated for a young, curious mermaid. That’s why it’s important to have a fishy friend watching your back. When Ariel is all wrapped up in exploring the amazing creations of man, Flounder was there to shout out any sharks that happened to pass by. We’re sure Flounder had helped Ariel through all sorts of scrapes that we didn’t see. His small stature lets him slink into all sorts of underwater nooks and crannies that Ariel just can’t reach. Basically, Flounder and the little mermaid make the perfect pals! Product DetailsIf Ariel is coming to a Halloween event near you, make sure that she doesn’t need to head out alone with this Flounder companion accessory. Fully licensed from Disney, everyone will recognize this pal from The Little Mermaid. The fish is attached to an adjustable strap that can easily be slung over your shoulder. A zippered pocket in the back lets little mermaids store small possessions like keys and cash when they’re out and about. Perfect for playtime and trick-or-treating, Flounder is the perfect way to make your little mermaid ensemble extra special! Bring that under the sea life to your next dress-up event when you let him flounder along with your Ariel ensemble!

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