Kids Nightmare Clown Costume


Let your child scare the pants off of all his friends in this exclusive Kids Nightmare Clown Costume. It features purple diamond pants with suspenders and a scary face clown mask.

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How did clowns ever become the symbol of laughter and fun at the circus? Was there a time when clowns weren’t the most terrifying beings on the planet? The makeup. The toothy grin. The disheveled hair that looks like that of a mad scientist. And those guys are supposed to make us feel happy? No way, Jose. That all sounds like the combination for hideous nightmares! Of course, when choosing a perfect Halloween costume to scare the pants out of friends and family, isn’t that exactly what you want?We’ve been dabbling in the art of perfecting scary costumes for kids, and nothing compares to the horror of this Nightmare Clown costume for kids. Sure, classics like zombies and vampires will always be prime contenders, but this thing is like pure horror manifested into a child costume. The shirt and pants have splattered “blood,” since scary costumes always need a touch of fake blood on them. The mask shows the face of an evil clown, who’s definitely not trying to make anyone laugh. The wig just adds to the crazy look, making sure everyone is very disturbed! If your child has a taste for terror, then he’s going to have a great time instilling the fear of clowns into everyone in your neighborhood.If you want to really take the costume to the next level, be sure to add the pictured clown mace to your order. It adds a deathly look to the outfit that will make you never want to head to a circus again!

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