Brawny Devil Costume for Kid’s


Be the big bad buff devil when you put on this Kid’s Brawny Devil Costume. This costume features a red mask with horns, a detachable tail, and foam muscles to make you look buff!

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Fire, Brimstone, TikTokThe devils below have been getting a little bored. People have come to expect all their usual punishments. Boiling pits, eternal fire, and pushing boulders up hills are all overdone these days. But then a new devil came to town. He whispered twisted plots into the ears of the underworld gatekeepers. Plans were hatched. Yes, instead of coming up with a new brand of fire (hotter, smokier) the devils would begin making their wards practice Tik Tok dances. These dances seemed so easy at first. What could go wrong? But the camera was always at the least flattering angle and the suffering sinners could never seem to catch up to the young up-starts on the screen. How could something that was supposed to be so much fun make the poor unfortunate souls feel so uncoordinated, so out of touch, so… old! Design & DetailsWe’re sure your tough little devil will find all sorts of ways to update fire and brimstone culture in this Made By Us Devil costume. Designed by our in-house creative team, the costume features a jumpsuit with a muscular torso. A pointy tail attaches to the back with a hook and loop fastener, giving your child comfortable options for sitting back and relaxing. The costume is complete with a detailed face mask with eerie horns that are sure to thrill any scare-loving kiddo in your household!A Smokey SurpriseUnpacking this costume is sure to be a delight! Our in-house designers added plenty of details to this look from demonic faces in the smokey pattern of the red and black fabric to the realistic wrinkles around the eyes and mouth of the mask. Complete this look with a pitchfork and your Halloween is sure to be a spooky one. Just, beware if your devil breaks out Tiktok. He might be trying to impress the guys down under!

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