Kid’s Dalmatian Dress Costume


Get yourself looking great for this spooky season! Made by us, it comes with a hair bow tie, gloves, and dress. The quality materials will make you look stylish and feel comfortable.

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Spot On!They say that dogs are man’s best friend, but we think that saying is a bit incomplete. Dogs are really everyone’s best friend! Who doesn’t like friendly, adorable pooches with their big eyes and excited, wagging tails? It makes sense that you want to dress up like one, but it can be hard to choose what kind! Golden retrievers are really friendly and smart, but your costume would be really shaggy and probably shed everywhere. Maybe you want to be a giant St. Bernard, but they’re so big! It would probably be hard to fill out an authentically sized St. Bernard costume. Other dogs definitely deserve some recognition, but maybe they’re too hard to distinguish… Are you dressed like a weimaraner or a greyhound? Well, there’s one dog breed that everyone can recognize: the friendly, adorable Dalmatian!Product DetailsYou’re sure to have a doggone-good time at your next costume party in this exclusive Kid’s Dalmatian Dress Costume! The adorable white dress is 100 percent polyester velour fabric and covered in cute black spots, just like your favorite Dalmatian! The dress features short, puffy sleeves and a black satin ribbon bow at the front of the waist. The neckline is edged with a glittery red ribbon that has an appliqued “dog tag” hanging from it. To make this costume easy to wear, there’s a hook-and-loop fastener at the back of the neck, along with elastic in the sleeve cuffs and at the back of the waistband. Best of all, the dress comes with a stuffed tail that attaches to the back! The costume also includes a satin-covered plastic headband with bows of Dalmatian-print velour and red satin, as well as two white fingerless gloves that each have a black paw print on the underside!Woof Woof!Once you put on your Kid’s Dalmatian Dress Costume, you’ll have a howling good time all night long!

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