Adult Unisex Ninja Onesie


Sneak through the streets this year on Halloween with this Adult Unisex Ninja Onesie. This ninja onesie is a perfect way to be cool and comfortable on Halloween night.

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Onesie to Rule Them AllIn fashion, they say, black is king. There is plenty of evidence to support that claim, since black is such a great color for hiding flaws while going great with such a variety of awesome accessories. It is the perfect color for most fashion, but that is not the most important factor. In our opinion, the most important factor fashion is comfort.If you have ever seen someone wearing a beautiful gown, while clearly being very uncomfortable, then you know that even the highest forms of fashion will fail if they are not comfortable! Huge, tight, restrictive formalwear is not typically comfortable. Blankets and hoodies are. Knowing this, we here at have set out to create the world’s most comfortable costumes while maintaining our high standards for style, and in this instance, we have outdone ourselves.Blanket StatementThis Adult Unisex Onesie offers all the fashionable, chic tones of black that make everyone love them, while not sacrificing comfort in the least. The warm, sweater-like fabric of the onesie sits on your shoulders and head like the most comfortable blanket that you have ever used, while the fashionable black and red looks like a ninja’s garb. For bonus points, it is much easier to sneak around undetected while you are comfy too!Back in BlackIf you are looking for a ninja costume that you could easily wear while lounging around the dojo, then this is the one for you! Its unparalleled comfort and style are the perfect way to say, “I’m a ninja, NBD.”

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