Alien Plush Costume Hat


Look like a being from outer space with this Alien Plush Costume Hat! The more people you scare, the higher the chance one of them retaliates!

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Out of the WorldSometimes, we feel a little out of place. We feel a little bit like we don’t belong on this Earth, you know? We watch “normal” Earthlings engage about their quaint business… and we can’t help but feel like we come from a different planet. Then, we start to think that maybe we ARE from another planet. Maybe, just maybe, we’re disguised sleeper agents for an extraterrestrial race that’s gathering information on the human species and we just don’t know it yet!Okay, probably not. We’re probably just weird humans, but that doesn’t stop us from daydreaming about what it might be like to be an alien! That’s why we like this Alien Plush Mask. It lets you look like one of those little green aliens from outer space… even if you are just a regular human!Product DetailsThis Alien Plush Hat turns your head into that of a classic alien! It fits over your head like a mask and is made out of a shimmering green material that looks out of this world. The eyes have mesh for vision and it even has a tiny alien face designed into the front. Just slip it on and you can be like a real alien!

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