Kids Astronaut Helmet Costume Accessory


Make sure he is prepared for takeoff with this Child’s Astronaut Helmet! While this exclusive helmet allows an authentic astronaut look with a full coverage helmet it also is practical with the ability to open the front!

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Out of OrbitYour kiddo has imagined almost everything out there. They’ve traveled through purple mountains on a turquoise unicorn that lived on marshmallows. They’ve crawled through eerie caves that held untold secrets of the universe. One weekend in March they even ventured into the center of a volcano in a lava-proof suit. All their adventures have been pretty amazing but now it’s time to venture off this earthly plane and explore what the wonders of space have to offer. Details & DesignMake sure your adventurous kid is prepared to explore the cosmos with this Made by Us astronaut helmet. Our in-house designers made sure to create a helmet with all sorts of important details such as the molded ventilation tube that wraps around one side and the very important colorful buttons on the other. The bright yellow visor flips up so kids can easily talk to aliens on a moments notice. Seeing StarsWant to complete the perfect astronaut look this Halloween? Pair this helmet with our Made by Us astronaut jumpsuit and boots. 

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