Kids Construction Worker Costume


This Child Construction Worker Costume is perfect for any child ready to join the workforce! With durable, qualify fabric and multiple pockets, this costume is the best choice for your next construction project!

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Tools of the TradeOn more than one occasion, you have joked that your kid ought to “get a job.” So, imagine your surprise when they come home to tell you that they have landed a gig…at the construction site! Cool. Not only will they have a little pocket change, now, but they’ll also get to hang out at their favorite place, use their favorite tools, and learn the ropes of building, firsthand! Of course, it’s all imaginary, but that is just the magic of this Child’s Construction Worker Costume…they don’t know that. To your kiddo, any time they spend in this costume brings their building dreams to life! The crew, the lingo, the equipment, the sounds—it’s a good thing this authentic costume has your child fully prepped for life at the site. Just think, if you kid keeps this up, you may never have to hire a handyman again! How helpful.Design & DetailsThis is our top-of-the-line construction costume—in fact, you could say our design team worked extra hard to construct this outfit so well, just for your little one! It’s a high-quality pair of tan overalls worn over your child’s own work shirt. We’ve included the hard hat (safety first!), belt, and accompanying toy toolkit, so your little one is ready for when their first day on the job rolls around. Authentic accents like cargo pockets and heavy seams make this costume really come to life while your kid is out in the backyard, building a fort. Next up: a treehouse!Building DreamsWho knows what kind of influence a fun and entertaining costume like this may have; maybe your kid will become a builder, or architect, or foreman, or contractor. Maybe they’ll just grow up to be really, really handy. We figure, either way, you win! Now pass them the flathead screwdriver!  

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