Jack Funko Half Mask


Transform yourself into a collectible figure of Nightmare Before Christmas’s Jack Skellington. You can become the Pop pumpkin king with this Jack Funko Half Mask.

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This Is HalloweenEvery year, the citizens of Halloween Town put on a big show and dance about how important their holiday is to them. Maybe their king should have been listening while they rehearse. It might have convinced him how wonderful his home was and prevented him from hijacking Sandy Claws’ territory (although it all turned out great in the end!) Product Details”What’s this? What’s this?” Um, it’s an officially licensed Jack Funko Pop Half Mask, of course. But you can certainly sing about it if you want to – it is cool enough to inspire a musical number. The white mask is shaped like a stylized Jack Skellington’s face and features black eye sockets, cute nose holes, and the Pumpkin King’s iconic grin. It’s Showtime Celebrate the spooky holiday in your own special way while wearing a mask inspired by one of your favorite characters. Break into as many solos as you want – it’ll add to the fun! 

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