Infant Rosie the Riveter Costume


We can do it! Have your baby be the cutest little role model with the Infant Rosie the Riveter Costume! Be empowered with the Infant Rosie the Riveter Costume!

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Coming up RosieWe’ll cut right to the chase. The number of times you’ve cheered on your baby with the phrase “you can do it” classifies the four words as your catchphrase. But that also qualifies it to be your little one’s life motto. That is, at least, until she can choose one for herself. Until then, there’s no time to delay. Your constant encouragement while your infant was attempting to roll over, then crawl, finish full bottles, and learn to like peas rendered results. She’s a strong, empowered little baby with nowhere to go but up! Her determination to become mobile and as independent as a baby can be made her an icon in your eyes, and someone others should definitely look up to. And if their headstrong temperament continues to grow, she’s sure to be a modern Rosie the Riveter!Design & DetailsGet your sweet babe dressed for the role she was born to fill with this Rosie the Riveter Costume for Infants! This exclusive costume jumpsuit is ready to keep up with your precocious kiddo, thanks to its chambray construction. Designed by our thoughtful in-house team, this iconic outfit is made with ease and comfort in mind, as well as durability. Silver snaps along the one-piece’s inseam and paneled center seam offer quick dressing and diaper access. Meanwhile, the red sweatshirt fleece “belt” around the costume adds to the look’s notability and is not only attached to the jumpsuit but stitched between the top and bottoms. So, there’s no worry about your baby removing the detail or being irritated by it squeezing her midsection. A polka-dotted fleece headband and appliqued name badge with “Rosie” embroidered in red complete the look.Small but MightyShe may be small, but you can tell she will be mighty! So, dress your adorable future leader in a look as fabulous as she is when you buy this Made By Us Baby Rosie the Riveter Costume. Based on the feminist icon and thoughtfully designed, this Halloween look is one for the scrapbook!

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