Hufflepuff Toddler Knit Beanie


Your house is the most reliable, so why not get a fitting beanie that you could rely on this winter! Represent your favorite house while staying warm with the Hufflepuff Toddler Knit Beanie.

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HufflestuffHufflepuff is an underappreciated House of Hogwarts. You always hear about how outstanding this Ravenclaw quidditch player is. Or how brave that particular kid from Gryffindor is. Or how that other kid from Slitheren has the highest grades in the school. Blah, we Hufflepuff lovers could care less. We like to take our achievements with grace and style. We don’t have to be too flashy. Still, even those from House Hufflepuff want to look cute. If you have a little one who has the Hufflepuff style, you should pick them up our Toddler Hufflepuff Knit Beanie.FUN DetailsThis Toddler Hufflepuff Knit Beanie is officially licensed and exclusively made by us; our designers ensured that you would love the attention to detail. The beanie is made from 100% acrylic and displays the knitted-in yellow and black stripes with a nubby texture and ribbed cuff. Fans of the honorable House will love the Hufflepuff patch on the front of the beanie. To complete the look is a pompom on top of the hat that, frankly, is super cute and fun to swing around. So if you have a kid who is a fan of House Hufflepuff, make sure you pick them up one of our Toddler Hufflepuff Knit Beanies.

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