Straw Hat with Ribbon


This is a white straw hat with a bow tied in black ribbon and compliments perfectly with a women’s costume themed from the 1920’s.

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Absolutely FabulousWe have to ask: is there anything better than a fabulous hat? Nope, there isn’t! Scarlet didn’t think so, nor does any lady at the derby! Whether you’re looking to class up a historical garment, or you want to bet on whether your horse will win, place, or show, or you just want to keep the sun out of your eyes and off your face in glamorous style, why then you’ve got to get yourself a hat. And a fabulous one at that!No worries. we’re here (as always) to save the day. This White Straw Hat has classic coloring, pretty construction, and a big black bow to ensure you look cool, even when it’s hot! You’re welcome. Just remember us when you’re cashing in your winning ticket at the race!Ptoduct DetailsThis gorgeous topper is demure, durable, and darling! It’s a white woven base with a super-wide brim, laced in a big black bow. The bow tails will flap in the breeze and dance atop your locks. So what are you waiting for? Protect your face—and fashion needs—with this fab hat!Good OddsWhatever ladylike look you’re going for, there’s a great chance that this hat is the answer to topping it off in style! Just make sure you hold it onto it when the wind picks up—losing this would be a true tragedy.

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