Kid’s Deluxe Girl Munchkin Costume


Celebrate the death of the witch! This Kids Munchkin Girl Costume is a cute storybook character costume for little girls.

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People are always asking kids what they want to be when they grow up. In most cases, they come up with an answer that seems to appease the adults who are asking the questions… but the very adults who are asking probably know the secret. The thing they should want when they are kids is to not grow up at all! A few of our notable folks have managed that. Peter Pan, of course, and a couple who’ve taken some immortality potions, but all of those require something highly magical and otherworldly. What other options might we have!?Some in the office have began looking into options in the Wondrous Land of Oz. Granted, it requires a little relocation and the vehicle options to get there are a tad limited… but at least they are present! Tornados and log cabins can be found all over the place. Just make sure that you secure the windows before lift off. It is also worth noting that things are a good deal safer now that a certain couple of witches have been dealt with, so this is the prime time! Get in before moving costs skyrocket.The real benefit of moving to Oz to live among the munchkins is that your tyke won’t even need to grow into the outfits! The kiddo will already be perfectly sized for this Child Deluxe Girl Munchkin costume. This striped breadcloth skirt and green bodice have a perfect color balance for any member of the Lullaby League, featuring sleeves and cloth trim that gives the look of a daisy. The foam hat has white edging and a matching color pallet and comfortable satin chin ties. Available in multiple sizes in case you’re looking to populate the entire guild!

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