Adult Grey Gloves


This pair of grey gloves is an exclusive accessory, available in many other colors and in child sizes as well.

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Just imagine how scary just about any zombie movie out there would be if all those hands looked just like regular, living, human hands? It’d just look like all the people who were taken down by them died by way of a terribly rigorous massage by a bunch of grungy people who took incredible care of their paws. Now, do you still want to argue with us about the importance of an awesome pair of gloves to complete a costume?Oh, you didn’t say anything about gloves? Well, we’re a little passionate about the need to complete a costume all the way to the tips of your fingernails! That’s why we’re treating you to some of the most amazing grey gloves for under your werewolf costume, on your hero costume, or even for a skeleton costume. The best part? We made them ourselves so we know exactly what you’re getting into, and it’s awesome!

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