Boys German Lederhosen Costume


Your child will fit right in at the international festival when he wears this lederhosen boy costume. It’s perfect for any German festival or Halloween party!

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Roll Out the CostumeAh, Oktoberfest! Those Germans really know how to party. Plenty of cold, frothy beer (well, not for the kids, obviously. That’s why they invented delicious, frothy root beer!). Big fat sausages with names that are fun to pronounce, and meat that’s even more fun to eat. Festive ladies in white blouses and long, blond pigtails. Just don’t show up wearing your Hawaiian shirts and Bermuda shorts. You need to step up your fashion game for the big Oktoberfest party with this international look! And that means you shouldn’t forget the kids. Just because they’re a decade and a half short of being able to drink doesn’t mean that they can’t look just as festive while they’re chowing on a boterhamwurst, and they will definitely look the part in this lederhosen boy costume.Design & DetailsGetting into the spirit of Oktoberfest will be easy for any little guy or gal when they wear this authentic-inspired Lederhosen costume. The shirt beneath has the lace collar and wide wings, while the Lederhosen pants sport elastic for a good fit and lots of details on the front. It’s even topped off with a hat! Now, can they learn all those old German songs and dances in time for the big party? That’s up to YOU. With this costume, he’ll look like he’s ready to party like it’s NEINteen NEINty NEIN. A fun little German pun, there!Guten TagSay hello to this incredeible costume and have the best time at Oktoberfest this yeat. Maybe you never thought it was a family friendly thing to do, but have you ever seen how many likes a Lederhosen-wearing family gets on social media? It’s a whole lot. Like a lot a lot. You’ll see soon enough. Schnell!

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