Harry Potter Slytherin Face Mask Gaiter


Even when hanging out with your best pals, Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle, it’s still important to keep yourself and others safe. Now you can do it in true Slytherin fashion while wearing this Harry Potter Slytherin Face Mask Gaiter!

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Later GaiterAs you prepare to bid the walls of Hogwarts farewell, don’t forget to add this Harry Potter Slytherin Face Mask Gaiter to your trunk of non-school attire! It’s perfect for chilly quidditch games, winter walks to your new entry-level position at the Ministry of Magic, and autumn runs through Diagon Alley. It proudly displays your house colors and crest, and it will help you stay safe, warm, and proud, all at once. Talk about a multitasking piece of fabric!Product DetailsThis simple, slouchy gaiter can be worn as a face mask or neck warmer. It features an emerald green hue and black stripes, as well as the Slytherin crest on the front. One size will fit most wearers of this officially-licensed accessory. Now get ready to take the wizarding world by storm!Clever CloakThough it’s not quite an invisibility cloak, one added bonus of this piece is you can easily cast spells beneath it, and no one can see your lips move! That makes it perfect for practicing your parseltongue, too. But, you know, you Slytherins have rebounded from such a bad rep, maybe focus on casting only really nice, gentle spells for a while. You can’t afford any more bad press!

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