Toddler’s Green Crayon Costume


The grass is always greener on the other side! If you are wearing this Toddler’s Green Crayon Costume everything is greener! Trees of green? Red roses too!

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Preventing Green MeaniesYour toddler’s favorite thing is anything that is green. They have a wardrobe full of options, but continually request to wear the green pants with their lime green hoodie. At the park, they will only slide down the big green slide—puddle at the bottom be darned. When the leaves turn all shades of orange and brown, they announce their new hatred for trees. And whenever you go to a restaurant they only use the green crayons on their paper placemat and refuse to leave the waxy stub behind.After not receiving a green crayon at a restaurant one time they grew a strong mistrust and made sure they always had a backup—much like your constant pen carrying. So, their crayon attachment didn’t seem too off, until you realized they wouldn’t go anywhere without one. You watched them pull a green crayon out of their pocket and bend to mark the sidewalk on every walk you took them for—why? “To spread the color around,” of course! So, when they told you, they couldn’t go trick-or-treating this year without a green crayon, you knew it was time to step in and prevent green marked doors.Product DetailsLuckily this Toddler’s Green Crayon Costume is a perfect compromise! Your kiddo will get to enjoy their favorite colorful item without worrying about it breaking in their pocket or leaving an unwanted mark on the neighborhood. The 2-piece costume is comprised of a tube-shaped, crayon wrapper printed tunic and a cone-shaped hat to make getting ready for Halloween easy! The versatile design allows your toddler to layer comfortable and warm clothes underneath or to keep it simple for a dress-like wear!Go Green!Whether they’re goal is to spread the love of all things green with the community or just show off their personal passion for the waxy art supply, this Green Crayon Costume for toddlers is a great choice for your little rascal!

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