Harry Potter Slytherin Basic Necktie


Spice up your look with this Harry Potter Slytherin Basic Necktie. Even snakes dress up from time to time. Make sure you are prepared with the color of house Slytherin.

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Looking SharpJust look at you—you look sharp as a snake’s fang today! You are strutting your way to your first day of work at the Ministry of Magic itself! Whoa, that’s big news. You have certainly come a long way from your days playing wizard chess in the common room and roaming the castle grounds at Hogwarts last year.To look the professional part, you’ve opted for this Harry Potter Basic Slytherin Necktie and a new set of robes. It’s a subtle nod to your house pride, but it’s perfectly suited for your new life as an intern in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Congrats on making it into the “real world” after school. Even as a wizard, this adulting thing will be a big change, so let this tie remind you of your fun and carefree days at Hogwarts!Product DescriptionThis is an officially licensed accessory from Harry Potter, and it features thin, white diagonal stripes atop an emerald green base, all on a classic tie silhouette. No clip-on will do for you, anymore, so whip out your wand and conjure that perfect Windsor knot spell, “Expecto Windsorknotum!” Look at that. Perfect every time. Now, go get ’em! 

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