8 Inch Prop He-Man Power Sword Replica


This He-Man Power Sword Prop Replica is unlike any around. Take your He-Man look to another level or add it to your collection. The perfect little addition to your He-Man Universe.

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By the Power of Grey Skull…… I Have the POOOOOWWWEEEEERRR!!!How many times do you shout this in your living? We can admit it. We did it every Saturday morning… and maybe one time in the middle of 2nd-grade math class to the chagrin of Mrs. Johnson. Maybe you were holding a broom in your hands, pretending that it was the mighty Power Sword that Prince Adam used to transform into He-Man. Eventually, you grow up and you sort of forget about all of those days, dreaming of being the hero that Eternia needs. But it never truly leaves you. One glance at this Prop He-Man Replica Power Sword will have you feeling the power!Product DetailsThis He-Man sword is inspired by the legendary Power Sword. In the cartoons, it helped Prince Adam harness the power of Grey Skull to transform into He-Man. This prop version might not actually help you change into He-Man, but it will make you feel like quite the hero when you hold it in your hands. The molded sword is shaped like the iconic blade and features a metallic blade. Just pair it up with your He-Man cosplay outfit and you’ll be ready to go a few rounds with Skeletor!

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