Safari Pith Adult Hat


Don’t go on your safari without the proper headgear! Get this exclusive Safari Pith Adult Hat and make your costume complete this Halloween.

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The African safari is about to commence and we should go over the checklist before the minibus starts rolling. Do you have a tour guide so you get to see all the animal hot spots ? Check. Binoculars? Check. Sun screen? Check. Camera? Check. Pith hat? Uhh…nope! Okay, it sounds like you’re almost prepared for the safari but before you start cruising through the jungle for wild animals, it’s essential that you wear a pith hat. Luckily, we sell one right here so we can send one to you lickety-split!This safari pith hat is especially made for adults and looks like a traditional safari helmet. It’s lightweight, covered in cloth, and features a long strap and is the last item on your checklist that you need. It’s also a great accessory if you’re looking to complete a hunter or tourist costume! 

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