Harry Potter Severus Snape Deluxe Adult Costume


You’ll be able to help the students of Hogwarts brew excellent potions when you wear this Harry Potter Severus Snape Deluxe Adult Costume to your next Potion Class!

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Potion PerfectionThere’s no denying that waving a wand and issuing forth amazing spells is among the most awesome things a wizard can do. Give anyone a twig from the ground—or, better yet, an authentic-looking wand—and it takes no time at all for the whooshing and dramatic incantation uttering to occur. But never discount the magic that often goes overlooked. Bottling up a super spell for later use might just be the critical component for your adventure’s success. And, as much as it might spook the average student, there is no better professor to prod about potion preparation than Severus Snape.Product Details It’s time to swoop in with supernatural style and it is all thanks to the potion-master’s flowing cape. How? Well, all you need to do is suit up in this officially licensed Harry Potter Severus Snape Deluxe costume for Adults. This easy costume transforms you just like magic. The light fabric costume features a cravat-style collar and a tunic that fastens with hook and loops. Decorative buttons give you a finely crafted look and the oversized black robe features full-length panels for flowing flourishes. Cropped arm holes at the side create Snape’s signature look, whether you’re waving your wand, brewing up the best potion you can muster, or just sneering at those trouble-making students from Gryffindor.Magic IdeasThere are plenty of ways to dive into the Wizarding World. Make your Severus Snape costume complete when you pick up an intimidating wand or the straight black wig to augment your spooky sneer. Team up with other friends to complete the perfect Instagram opportunity for a Harry Potter group costume. Just make sure you watch whoever may be wearing a costume from He Who Must Not Be Named! (He’s an even bigger problem than that Potter kid!)

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