Toddler Popeye Costume


Well blow me down!” Dress you favorite little sailor in this Toddler Popeye Costume this Halloween season. He’ll be eating all his green vegetables in no time!

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Was Popeye a clever ploy to get us to eat our vegetables? As kids we hated the dreaded greens. Green beans. Spinach. Lettuce. Broccoli. Asparagus. Artichokes. And the disgusting Brussels sprouts. No matter how our moms tried, we just wouldn’t eat them. No amount of seasoning would make them taste better. We would hide them under our sister’s chair. Give them to the dog. Shove them in our shoes.Now you have the same problem with your own little nugget of joy. Its hard to count the number of times you have found vegetables under the table. Or, mashed up at the bottom of the LEGO box. You never really believed your parents when they said that you would get back all the things you did to them. Life gets a lot more interesting when you have children.We can understand you using Popeye just like our parents did. “Honey, how can you grow up big and strong like Popeye if you don’t eat your vegetables?” This year for Halloween, show them what happens when they eat their greens. Dress them up in this Toddler Popeye Costume. They will be so amazed by their massive muscles they may just ask for more veggies at dinner. The dog will be sad that he doesn’t get any more table scraps. But, your little pea will be picking up all the ladies with his anchor tattoos.

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