Harry Potter Death Eater Necktie


Show off your affinity with the dark side with this Harry Potter Death Eater Necktie! This necktie could be a finishing touch to a great Harry Potter costume this Halloween.

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Morsmordre!You don’t need a wand or a spell to summon the Dark Mark (or even Voldemort) when you carry it with you all the time! This Harry Potter Death Eater necktie could be a great finishing flair for suits, dress robes, gowns, or even an ironic t-shirt. Wear it out to show your Dark Arts affiliation to all, or tuck it under a jacket to show only a select few witches and wizards when the right time presents itself. No matter how you show it off, this tie will draw everyone’s eye to you.Product DetailsThe real Dark Mark might fade when He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is defeated, but this one will stick around no matter what. Wear it to celebrate a victory or to seek out like-minded wizards in a world full of muggles. Ties are a classic fashion piece. But that doesn’t mean they’re a dress-up accessory only! Wrap one around your waist instead of a boring belt. Tie one around your head before hand-to-hand wand work. Lose your wand a lot? Tie one end to the wand. Tie the other to your belt loop. Whatever creative way you choose to wear this tie, we know it will be truly magical.

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