Handmaid’s Tale Womens Costume


Start a revolution of your own in this Handmaid’s Tale Women’s Costume! It features the iconic red cloaked dress from the Handmaid’s Tale Hulu series.

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The Revolution – TelevisedWhy do we watch Handmaid’s Tale? To those who don’t know any better, it might seem that we’re watching a world with a pretty bleak outlook. The atmosphere is controlled, oppressive, and hopeless… or is it? As hard as the authorities in Gilead might try, it’s impossible to keep the women of the world from trading information. And in this silent, secretive world, information is ammunition. What do the other countries of the world really know about Gilead? When the May Day network helps Handmaids, Marthas, and children slip into Canada, the truth can’t be contained or denied. Some revolutions start with a bang, this one is starting with whispers and a whole lot of muffins.Details & DesignOur in-house creative team worked hard to do the Handmaid’s dramatic uniform justice. A bright red, flowing robe brings Hulu’s vision of Atwood’s dystopia to your doorstep. The long sleeves ensure your Handmaid’s costume is as modest as the standards of Gilead require while the sides of the robe subtly hang open, allowing you to wear whatever you’re comfortable with underneath. The wide bonnet has elastic in the back for comfort and fit. Slip it over your head and you’ll be ready to dismantle Gilead from the ground up! All Roads Lead to ResistanceThey should have never given us uniforms if they didn’t want us to be an army.We love watching June in action but it’s even more exciting to imagine how many more Handmaids and Marthas there are out there in Gilead, fighting the good fight. You can be one of them. Are you ready to put on the red? Pair this costume with sensible shoes and an unstoppable attitude. Whether you’re representing June, Janine, or your own character when you’re wearing this uniform, you’ve just got to remember one thing… Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.

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