Princess Peach Crown


If you’re not wearing this Princess Peach Crown, Bowser won’t know which girl to kidnap! Keep moving from castle to castle, your Mario will get lost, but will still know how to find you with this accessory piece.

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Dressing up as a princess is something almost every little girl does at some point, but who says dressing up as a princess has to stop when you get older?You’ll want to look every inch the princess while you’re waiting for Mario to come and rescue you. So add this Princess Peach Crown to your costume. Bowser and his Koopa Troopas will know whom to capture and Mario will be able to find you!This officially licensed Princess Peach crown is perfect for completing your Princess Peach costume this Halloween. Whether you are recreating your favorite childhood video game, gathering with a group for a fun night out, or flying solo as everyone’s favorite Princess in distress, this Princess Peach crown is the perfect way to complete your look. The gold plastic crown has four peaks with a domed faux gem adorning each peak. Because you wouldn’t be a princess without a little bling, right? The crown measures 4″ diameter at the base and is 3 1/2″ tall. The crown secures to your head with the attached plastic headband that has ribbon loops.

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