Hamster Quirky Kawaii Hat


We cannot guarantee your kid will want to run on an exercise wheel for hours but they will look adorable in this Hamster Quirky Kawaii Hat.

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Cute, But Make It CuterFor kids who can’t have a dog or a cat, sometimes a hamster is a compromise solution between parent and child. Small and fluffy, these wee rodents are relatively easy to care for and fun to watch. Watching them traverse spinning wheels, hamster balls, and vast tunnel systems can provide hours of entertainment. Plus, it’s even fun to watch them eat! Where do all of those seeds go, anyway? Whether your child has owned a hamster or not, they will find this Hamster Quirky Kawaii Hat super cute!Product Details”Kawaii” is a Japanese term for cute—a specific kind of cute. Think bright or pastel colors, cartoon details, and innocent facial expressions. This hamster hat fits all of those descriptors! The bright orange fabric still looks soft, balanced by the tan “fur” of the face and some pink lining in the ears. We love the little tufts of cartoon fur coming out of the ears, too! The biggest kawaii detail, however, is the signature pink blush ovals on the cheeks. Very kawaii, indeed. We know this is labeled for kids, but honestly, anyone who wants to wear some hamster chic will adore this fuzzy hat!

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