Girl’s Early American Girl Costume


She’ll love learning about the simpler times of the Colonial era. This Girl’s Early American Girl Costume reflects the style of life on the prairie in those early years.

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Go West!Remember what it felt like to learn about the frontier? If you’re anything like us, you learned to shop for supplies, hunt, fjord a river, and recover from dysentery (when lucky) from playing your favorite game. And now that your girl is learning all about trail life and the western frontier, it’s a perfect time to share it with her!She’ll love shopping for oxen, hunting deer and bison, and fixing wagon axels in this Early American Girl Costume. She’ll get to connect to a part of American history she loves to learn about, and you’ll get to connect with her over a mutual fear of snakebites. Whether she wears this dress for a school play or she goes really old school for Halloween, this classic costume takes her back to a time when life was hard but adventurous, and you never knew what tomorrow would bring on the trail! Product DetailsOK, OK, we’ll tell you all about this costume! Don’t get a bee in your bonnet. This is a pretty pink dress cut in the style of the time, with slightly puffed sleeves and ruffle detailing. The apron is necessary for all the cooking and cleaning she’ll be helping with on the move, and the matching pink ruffled bonnet will keep the sun out of her eyes and the bugs from her ears. Make sure she’s got a sturdy pair of shoes and that she’s not afraid of a little hard work! It’s what this costume calls for. Stock Up NowIt’s always a balance deciding how many supplies to bring at the beginning of the journey. One thing we’ve learned, stock up early. Maybe get two sets of these classic clothes, just in case one gets lost, or the wagon overturns, or a pack of wild dogs attacks your stores at night…like we said, you never know what will happen out here. Have fun going on this adventure again with your girl!

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