Women’s Racy Ring Mistress Costume


You’ll have a commanding performance in this Women’s Racy Ring Mistress Costume and look stunning doing it! The circus show will be flawless with you in charge of the ring!

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Ring LeaderYou have what it takes to lead. You’ve always known that. When you were little you were always wrangling other kids together to put on different performances like plays and talent shows. But now you’re grown. You’re still holding that title of ringleader but now your performances are a lot more interesting. There are a few circus tricks that we would love to see in person. For one, we’d love to see someone rest their head in a lion’s mouth. As long as no one made the lion sneeze we bet you’d be great at making that lion do what you want. We’d be into seeing acrobats hang down from a swinging trapeze. And a strong man lifting ridiculous things above his head while suspenseful music plays would be pretty awesome too. But here’s the thing, the whole show depends on a strong, spotlight-ready leader making the performers come together in a way that noone would forget!Product DetailsYou’ll look right at home under the big top when you show up in this red and black satin-textured dress with gold trim. The skirt is gorgeous with a triangular hem over flouncing 

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