Care Bears Adult Wish Bear Costume


Become your favorite Care Bear when you wear this exclusive licensed Care Bears Adult Wish Bear Costume.

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CELESTIAL FRIENDS!?When you’re a lovable, cuddly bear that lives in the clouds and has the magical abilities to bring cheer to the world, you’d think that you’re already pretty much on the top of the world.  What else can be better, right?  Well, how about some of the unique qualities of some of those Care Bears of Care-A-Lot?  The ability to magically open locks?  How about creating light in the middle of darkness?  All pretty awesome abilities, there! But, nothing competes with the magic of Wish Bear.  Not only does this adorable bear have unrelenting cheer, but is even friends with the stars, themselves!  Able to chit chat with the Starbuddies and learn the ways of the cosmos from the best buddy one can ever have, Twinkers, Wish Bear has exclusive access to literally changing reality with the might of wishes!  Now… those are some pretty good friends to have!  DESIGN & DETAILSChannel some of that amazing might for yourself with this officially licensed Wish Bear Costume from Care Bears.  Our team of designers have wished every day for some perfect inspiration and they were finally granted the biggest wish yet when they came up with this exclusive look.  You’ll love the feeling of this turquoise jumpsuit and feel the true transformation taking place when you pull the hood with Wish Bear’s face embroidered upon it up over your head.  Rub your belly with the wishing star belly badge and get ready to make some dreams come true.  THE MOST MAGICAL BEARAny bear that has the ability to walk upright for any duration and speak with humans is already something pretty exceptional.  But, when they’ve got the knack for granting wishes and shooting beams of cheerful energy from their tummies?  Well, now you’re talking something amazing.  Feel the same magic when you become Wish Bear this year! 

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