Gray Wizard Adult Wig and Beard Set


Complete a magical costume with this Gray Wizard Adult Wig and Beard Set. This wig and beard set will help your costume look perfect this year on Halloween.

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Hairdly a ProblemBeing a wizard isn’t that hard, actually. Well, if you have no morals anyway. For us dark wizards, life is good. We get to enjoy all the parts of magic that make life easier and more comfortable, like blasting our enemies to dust and creating gold from thin air. There is one downside though… We are ashamed to say it, but the good wizards win every single year in the hair and beard awards.It’s not our fault that half of us are bald! Just because our dark magics literally leach the life from our follicles doesn’t mean that we are at fault for our lack of hair, either! Maybe they use a special product we don’t know about, or maybe they have a secret hair-strengthening technique… Well, we don’t know how they do it, but those good wizards sure do know a thing or two about styling dos.Given Hair WarningWe here at don’t know if you are a good, bad, or neutral wizard, but we do know that you will be in the running for the Best Hair and Beard award this year with this wig and beard set. You can’t go wrong with this much body, not to mention the stylish front braids of the beard, which is held on by an elastic strap around the back. Whatever your costume is, we know you will feel and look like a wizened champion with this on!

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