WWE Finn Balor Ugly Christmas Sweater


Hand out the gift of coup de grace this holiday season with the Adult WWE Finn Balor Ugly Christmas Sweater!

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A Big DealIs Finn Balor a big deal to you? You know, when he gets into the ring channeling his Demon persona, dominating the WWE ranks with his unique brand of awesomeness?Are sweaters also your thing? You know, staying warm all winter. And wearing ugly sweaters around the holidays. Is that totally your jam?Well, we’re very pleased and proud to announce that we have just the thing for you. It’s our own WWE Finn Balor Ugly Christmas Sweater! That’s right, we took our talents towards all things Halloween and expanded into Ugly Christmas Sweaters. And then we teamed up with the WWE, and the result is this Finn Balor Sweater. It’s officially licensed, and 100% awesome.Unisex designed, this sweater is 100% acrylic, knit with fine 12-gauge yarn. It’s designed in red, white, and gray on black, with a knit-in all-over design of Finn Balor logos, and a large logo on the front. The logos are designed based on his unique Demon makeup and ring persona. Be sure to shop our entire selection WWE costumes and apparel to see all of our officially licensed items! 

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